Monday, December 13, 2010

Day One... The Adventure Begins...

Morning Weigh-In: 252 lbs

The hardest part with any diet is the dieting part of the diet.

The 4-Hour Body introduces the SLOW Carb Diet, a variation of the Low Carb, but one that is strictly focused on a minimalist approach and based on Ferriss's own personal experimentation and that of hundreds of others.

The essence of the diet is to stick with veggies, legumes, eggs and poultry, beef or fish. The absolute "NO"s include No Fruit, No Dairy, And No Whites... meaning no white rice, bread, potatoes or anything that is or was white.

Last night I prepared for the week by cooking some chicken breasts, steamed brussels sprouts, steamed broccoli and steamed cauliflower.

We also bought steamed lentils and black beans from Trader Joes and some more veggies and Cage Free eggs.

The Meal...

Two eggs scrambled with cheese. (Note: the slow carb diet says no to cheese and dairy, but these scrambled eggs were made for my wife the night before but were cooked to hard for her, so I saved them and nuked them for breakfast). Also had some black beans.

Two Strips of Grilled Trader Joes Chicken Tenders, Brussell Sprouts, Broccoli and Cauliflower and a one cup of Trader Joes Steamed Lentils. Pre-cooked and re-heated at work.

Scrambled Eggs, Steamed Vegetables, and Trader Joes Jalapeno Black Beans cooked fresh on the stove.

A Note on Beverages...

I love soda. Specifically, I love Coke, Cherry Coke, Root Beer and, most of all, Mtn Dew. Over the last couple months I had been consuming more and more Cokes during the day at MetalCloak. This is a recent uptake as I had been completely off of sodas for two years prior. But recently, the need for more energy led me back to Mtn Dew and Coke.

For the purposes of this eating adventure I will be limiting my beverages to Brita Filtered Water flavored with Liquid Stevia Root Beer Flavor. This incredible natural flavoring is a good way to satisfy the craving for soda while increasing my water intake greatly. Only a few drops are necessary to make a great tasting beverage.

Also, lots of Yerba Mate tea and coffee. ;-)

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