Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 18... I'm Back On Track with the 4-Hour Body! W00t!

Morning Weigh-In: 242 lbs
Total Loss: 10 lbs

I am sure that yesterday had a lot to do with the 4 pound weight loss. Being sick can do that to you. But still, it was motivational enough for me to consider the turn-around a good way to get back into The 4-Hour Body game.

And though I wasn't 100% yet, I was feeling better after a good solid sleep yesterday with lots of Emergen-C. But I still enjoyed a few slow-carb no-no's today. So it will be interesting to see if tomorrow's weight loss continues the current trend.

The Meals...

One hard-boiled egg.

Carl's Jr. Low Carb 6-dollar burger (yes, I forgot my lunch again) with no cheese and no mayo. This time I kept the ketchup and the mustard. Also, I had fried zucchini with ranch dressing. Like I said before: Comfort food.

Miso Soup with mixed veggies.

A few cookies and a cup of hot mocha with egg-nog creamer. Comfort.

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