Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 15... Time to start over... again.

Morning Weigh-In: 245 lbs
Total Loss: 7 lbs

Wow... the last four days have truly taken their toll on my weight and on me. I woke this morning feeling the strong effects of a cold (stuffy nose, sore throat, heavy coughing -- big routine of Emergen-C ahead).

And extra weight.

But, hopefully, today I can get back on track.

Alas, I failed. My head cold put me down emotionally and I decided the simple joys of Rum Cake and a cold Turkey Sandwich was too good to pass up.

Eating for comfort. Isn't that the single biggest reason why we are overweight?

The Meals...

Fried eggs with Turkey.

Leftover BBQ Turkey, single Persian Cucumber, Single Carrot and black beans.

(So far my day was good, but then, I had a cup of coffee and wanted a piece of Rum cake with it. That ended my 4-Hour Body day).

Snacks, BBQ turkey sandwich, crackers with hummus and artichoke dip and a can of Coke.

Not doing well physically. Feeling sicker, and though I am taking copious amounts of Emergen-C the sugar and carbs I've consumed have not necessarily supported my recovery). Back to basics.

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