Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 10... Why Did I Choose The Holidays?

Morning Weigh-In: 243 lbs
Total Loss: 9 lbs

The weight keeps coming off at a steady rate of 2 lbs per day.

The biggest struggle right now is timing. All around me are cookies, cakes & goodies galore! So many gifts from customers, friends and family --- all of which I can't eat on this adventure with The 4-Hour Body.... except on Cheat Day!

Several times I've heard the same mantra, "why did you choose the Holidays to go on the diet" -- simple answer... to loose weight instead of the usual opposite this time of the year... Gaining weight!

Every year, by the time the holidays are gone, I gain at least 10 pounds.

This year that will not happen. Period.

BTW, up until today, I've brought my lunch to work. Today we had an important lunch meeting at MetalCloak and I lobbied to have it at our favorite Mexican restaurant Salsa Fresca. Per Tim Ferriss, Mexican restaurants are a great for keeping with the Slow Carb Diet. So I thought I would test this... and I think he was right.

The Meals...

Small serving of baked eggs with Mixed Veggies (left over from the night before)

Chicken Fajitas with no rice or tortillas, just beans with the chicken and peppers and onion saute. (Very hard to not have any tortilla chips!)

Black beans, scrambled eggs, kimchi, and sauteed vegetables.

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