Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 13... Merry Christmas... no 4-Hour Body Today!

Morning Weigh-In: 241 lbs
Total Loss: 11 lbs

Merry Christmas Friends!

No 4-Hour Body today. And yesterday's indulgences resulted in a 4 lb gain. Today will do the same. And though that should be it, tomorrow is Boxing Day, and more sweets.

I am actually eating the sweets out of necessity. A drive to do so. But it has resulted in indigestion and a sore throat. However, I probably won't use that to stop. No, I will be stubborn and enjoy these holiday treats while I can.

The Meals...

Pillsbury fresh baked cinnamon rolls (a Christmas tradition).

Lunch (our traditional Christmas Brunch):
Egg scramble with mixed veggies and topped with sour cream. Grilled and baked red potatoes and BACON (caps added for emphasis). Mixed fruit with strawberry yogurt. AND amazing cinnamon bread.

As a special Christmas dinner, Dungeness Crab and a New York Cut Buffalo steak with mixed greens salad (dressed with Champagne vinegar and Olive Oil).

Snacks: Throughout the day... rice crispies, fudge, cookies, cinnamon bread, peppermint candies, and no, I didn't keep track of how much.

Definitely not a 4-Hour Body day.

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