Thursday, March 13, 2008

About Time I did an Update

It has been far too long since I last types words into this blog. Primarily because I have been so busy with my day job at TechEd, that I've neglected many of my other passions including QuickPlanner Plus.

But today I had the opportunity to speak to an Intro to Business class at Sacramento City College.

I opened up with the basic questions of who in this class wants to start their own company and I got about four hands. Then I asked who in this class wants to go work for someone else, and I got about three hands. Out of a class of 14, that left several who didn't answer at all. So I asked a couple of them why they were in the class.

The answer? Its a requirement.

A requirement?

That's definitely not the right view to have about business 101. I don't care if you are going to be an entrepreneur, accountant, future executive, doctor, lawyer, burger flipper or wig maker, you had better understand the world of business.

So yeah... it had better be a requirement for everyone.

If you don't understand the world of business, you don't understand anything going on around you.

Okay this is starting to be less of a QuickPlanner blog and more of a Matsonian Rants so I guess I will have to post it there as well.

Business is business. Every organization in the world, every employee in the world, every group in the world operates on the basics of business and business operates on the basics of human organization.

And, here it is, human organization survives because of planning. And planning is the root to successful living.

So, if you don't understand business how can you understand life.

Join me in the mantra: Intro To Business for EVERYONE!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bear Canister


The Garcia Backpacker Cache Canister weighs in at 2.7 lbs. We both need
canisters. If you pack it correctly you should get about 12 lbs of food in


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Re: Bear canister to protect the Bears and our food.


Cool. I take it we both need to have a bear canister? How much does yours weigh?

What frustrates me is that the State is not willing to certify the Ursack. It has to be the lightest and most durable bear-prevention food sack I've seen. The state certifies one of their models but only if it has the canister instert in it which is ridiculous and redundant.


Bear canister to protect the Bears and our food.

The Bear Canister that I bought is a Garcia Backpacker Cache. It hold about
700 cubic inches and measures 8.8 inches by 12 inches. It sells for about
$65.00. I was able to find it for $55.00 at They have some
low prices on their equipment.
You need to check out the oven I bought. It is at The way it
works is pretty cool.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Re: My equipment for the trip


What a great list of top-quality equipment. I'm afraid mine will be the middle market. Hopefully I will get it done next weekend and sent over to you.

What brand of Bear Canister are you getting?


My equipment for the trip


The following is my equipment that I already have.
Backpack Gregory Palisade (large)
Sleeping pad Therm-a-Rest Prolite 4
Tent North Face Bullfrog 23
Walking Poles Leki Makalu
Cook Stove JetBoil
Baking BakePacker
Cooking Pots 2 Quart
Water Filter MSR WaterWorks EX Filter
Bear Canister Garcia Machine Backpacker Cache
Light HeadsUp Lite
Scope KVH Data Scope (digital
Camera Nikon D200 with two Lenses
I still need to get a solar panel and a storage device for my 24 MB
pictures. I believe I will take about 4000 photos on the trip. Looking at
about 80 gig storage device.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Re: Permit to travel the PCT


Not sure walking barefoot would help my severe flat feet. There is really no arch to be had.



Permit to travel the PCT


I have received the permit for the PCT from the PCTA. Still waiting for the
permit for Mt. Whitney.

One item about feet. Prepare your feet for the trail by walking barefoot as
much as possible. This helps your feet by hardening the sole. I walk around
the house a lot barefooted. As long as the temperature is warm.

Talk to you later,


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Re: Foot wear to wear to be confortable


Good to hear from you! I was hoping that is the case. I have a great pair of Rockports that I like to use on my hiking trips, switching between boots and sandles as needed.

I need to have the Rockports re-tread, but they are a great pair of hiking sandles.


Foot wear to wear to be confortable


After doing much research I have come to the conclusion that sandals would
be the best second shoe. Sandals would allow your feet to breath when at
camp. You can use the sandals to cross streams and with good soles you can
even walk the trail with them on good level ground.

I have read a few articles of people wearing sandals on the whole trip. They
would take a pair of shoes for the wet weather, but would use the sandals
for all hiking.
I have about a month before the swelling is gone on my foot. At that time I
will start the search for a good pair of hiking boots. My foot doctor told
me to get E wide boots. It is very important to get the toe box wide enough
for your toes to move. I have always worn regular size boots, C wide. I also
felt that my toes were being crushed. I never thought that a wider boot
would be the answer. As long as the heal of your foot is tight then you
should be good for a comfortable trip. If you can keep your feet comfortable
then the trip should be comfortable.
I should have my equipment list ready by weeks end or even sooner.