Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day 25... Does Cheating Really Work... the Experiment Continues

Morning Weigh-In: 242 lbs
Total Loss: 10 lbs
Change From Yesterday: -2 lbs

YES! Two more pounds lost!

So, a little cheating can work.

Hmmmm... this got me thinking, since The 4-Hour Body is not only about improving your health and your life, but as Tim Ferriss puts it, it is also about doing your own experiments to discover what works for you.

So I will continue this "experiment" and see how much cheating I can actually do...

The Meals...

One cup of steamed lentils.

2 BBQ Chicken legs, steamed broccoli, hard boiled egg, whole avocado.

Trader Joe's Vegetarian Chili (has some wheat in it) with a cup of Black Beans added and sliced tri-tip.

Violations of the Slow Carb Diet also included a dollop of Greek Yogurt and a couple pieces of Pepperjack cheese in the chili.

Two slices of Cinnamon Bread a cookie and a Cafe Mocha along with some Egg Nog.

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