Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 24... A Little Cheat Won't Matter, Right?

Morning Weigh-In: 244 lbs
Total Loss: 8 lbs
Change From Yesterday: -2 lbs

Still continuing to lose 2 lbs a day on The Slow Carb Diet from The 4-Hour Body.

Even with a little cheating. Last night with a Cafe Mocha and cookie.

And hey, if it worked yesterday. Why not today?

That's the problem with Eating Adventures... when you find another path, you are most likely to take it, even not knowing what the results may entail. Half the adventure is in the discovery.

What if I take another snack? What if I have a little mocha?

Well tomorrow morning will tell.

The Meals...

One hard-boiled egg.

2 BBQ Chicken legs, steamed broccoli, hard boiled egg.

Two fried eggs, and a bit of tri-tip. Along with some awesome Peppadews and KimChi.

Cookie and a Cafe Mocha. Again.


louisayogagirl said...

Um, where's the molar breakin' taffy, Luv? Hmmmm?;) xo

louisayogagirl said...

p.s. you are doing a GREAT job!!! xo