Friday, December 28, 2007

Start & End Dates

Good morning son

I am getting ready to send out the application for the thru-permit from
PCTA. I need the start and end dates. How about starting on Saturday
28th and end on Saturday August 2nd ? I am a member of the PCTA so there
no cost for the permit. The permit will be processed the end of January.

You need to get a California fire permit. The permit has a life span of
year. So you can get it at any time thru any forest service office.

Have you figured out a way to get used to the altitude before the trip ?

I have started the process of weighing my gear and planning the purchase
food and other supplies. Carol said she will buy me a good backpack for
Christmas. I need to get a tent, sleeping bag and mattress.

I have been researching food supplies from other hikers.

I will call you this week.

Love, Dad

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