Friday, December 28, 2007

RE: Mt. Whitney


I think your backpack is not large enough. I am going to purchase,
Carol's Christmas present, Gregory Palisades Backpack The large fits me. If you go to their site you will find info on adjusting and fitting a backpack. They have the pack at Travel Country for $298.

That is the lowest price that I have found. The reason I chose that pack is that it got good reviews on the PCT forum. I believe the backpack and shoes are the most important part of the trip.

As far as the sleeping bag. I have an older mummy bag that I will try and use in the next month. It is a +20 degree bag. I do not like to sleep in my bag. I sleep with only shorts on. I think you should sleep in the bag one night. I will do some research on bags and send you info.

You need to go to a foot doctor before you purchase any shoes. I have
read too many stories about backpackers and shoes. has
information on picking and fitting shoes. Check it out.

It has been snowing for the past two days and still snowing. We have about 9 inches.

I will be working on a draft menu in the coming weeks.

Talk to you later


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