Monday, December 03, 2007

A New Addiction - Trail Journals

As part of the ongoing process of preparing to hike the pacific crest trail, I have found one of the most valuable resources to be the journals written by others as the make their way from Mexico to Canada.

When I read these fascinating stories of triumph, beauty, suffering and emotional roller coastering, I, too, find myself with mixed emotions.

My father and I are only planning on a one month hike. And while this is going to be a great adventure for us, I truly wish we could do the full trail. And this is where I type the hopeful, if doubtful word... someday.

The impetus for this trip with my father derived from a sense that we had better do it now or we may not be able to do it at all. And, truly, one month was all we could logically fit in... I do not know if my father could do more... and he could probably do more than me.

My father has always amazed me. Photographer, mechanic, electrician, carpenter, writer, woodsmen, and so much more. Recently he shocked me by building a 1700 sq ft deck around his house in Happy Jack, AZ. 1700 sq ft and he did it by himself!

Enough said... the purpose of this post was to introduce you to Trail Journals... and one of my favorites by "Charlie Brown & Cardinal Bird". This journal, like many, is full of great advice, good cheer, and a reality check for those who think the hike is a breeze.

In their last entry they talk about being in the rain... not so bad, except their friend was caught in a blizzard two days behind.

Anywhom... read for yourself like I am doing in the ongoing attempt to prepare for the PCT.

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