Thursday, December 06, 2007

Light Wedge - What is it?

Not so new, but rather cool, is the ultimate book light. describes it as follows: Review
For avid readers who have spent many an hour squinting in dim light, LightWedge created this innovative paperback book light. The book light lies flat on the book page, creating the impression that the book itself is aglow. Designed specifically for mass-market paperbacks, this book light minimizes readers’ optical duress and discomfort while illuminating each word without distortion or glare.
Equipped with LED technology, this book light eliminates the hindrance of faulty or burnt out bulbs associated with many other book lights. Four AAA batteries power the book light for durations up to 40 hours, making it an ideal companion for a long flight or car ride. The book light features a high quality acrylic lens, a similar construction to that of a pair of reading glasses. Two levels of brightness enable readers to adjust the book light to suit particular environments and optical capabilities with a simple, one-touch button. For the best results, clean the book light like other optical equipment with a lens cleaner and a soft, micro-fiber cloth. Storing the book light within a book or a protective case prevents scratches, dust and other debris from obstructing the lens surface while extending the light’s longevity. Batteries are not included with the book light. The book light measures 7-2/5 by 5-1/2 inches. --Jessica Reuling

Product Description
PB100 LightWedge Paperback - The LightWedge is a reading aid that combines eye-friendly LED illumination with an acrylic lens that's bright, and unobtrusive to those near you. Here's how it works. A handle is connected to a rectangular acrylic lens, and with the push of a button, LED light shines through the acrylic to illuminate the page. Perfect for traveling at night or enjoying a ripping good yarn while lying next to that special someone at home. Energy efficient LEDs give you a whopping 40 hours of light on just 4 AAA batteries! (not included)

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