Friday, December 28, 2007

Mt. Whitney


Go to this link:

This is a picture of the trail going up to the trail crest. #1 is the
packing area where we will start our adventure. It is going to be a nice
climb up. There are several places on the way up that we can stop for
night. It would be nice if we could make it all the way up in one day.

What I was wondering is if you would like to hike over to Mt Whitney and
the top. I guess we would need to take our backpacks with us as I do not
a place to store them. Let me know, as I need to put in for 2 permits
the climb.

I have sent away to the PCTA for our thru permit. I was able to
our thru permit ending point at 544 mile from our beginning.

I have started the training program that I told you about. I started the
excerise program today and will start the diet next Monday. Looking
to a change in body energy. I will let you know how I it's going.

I believe you told me you already had your backpack. What is the brand
and model? You need to find out the cubic inch capacity and the total
of weight your pack will carry. When you purchased your pack did you get
fitted for your body? The pack I am purchasing will carry about 5500 cu
and carry up to 65 lbs.

I have been working on weight. I estimate that just the equipment
tent, mattress, cooking stove, camera and gear, and sleeping bag is
going to
be about 35 lbs. That does not include cloths, spare shoes, food, etc. I
think I will be carrying 50-60 lbs.

I am still working on it. Will keep you posted.


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