Friday, December 28, 2007

RE: Mt. Whitney


Are you saying that you do not plan on taking a tent? If so, I would
really rethink that. I have a two person tent that is just right for one person
and my gear. I think the reason you should take a tent is because of the
rainstorms that could hit us. The times I have spent backpacking I have
been in some bad weather. Raining all night and even snowstorms in summer.
During the day we can find shelter somewhere. At night, when we need that
critical sleep, cover over your head is necessary. We will talk about this in the
next month or so. You might ask around and finds out what it would cost
to rent a tent.

Getting back to the food. I will try and send you a menu or a list of
meals in January. There are several books about backpacking meals. Making our
own beef jerky would save us much.

I looked at the boots and they look good. There is a shop in Prescott,
AZ that sells boots and other footwear for backpackers and hikers. I called
them yesterday and explained your situation to them. The first thing he
said was to not purchase boots over the counter without seeing a foot doctor
first. Then he said custom made boots would be the best bet for you. He
did not mention the cost of those boots.

I have a problem with my right foot. I have a large bunion and I must
get it off before the trip. I will be getting an appointment for January and
hope to have the operation soon after. It takes about 6 weeks for it to heal.

I will talk to you later.


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