Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time to get Political: It Starts with the South Carolina Primary

I've avoided pure political statements up until now. This blog is titles Matsonian's Rants so it is time to... RANT.

John McCain, a true American hero, has just won the South Carolina primary. And now the media, based on historical trends, will project McCain to win the Republican nomination.

Let me tell you a little about electoral politics. For those who do not know me, I have many years of political consulting under my belt prior to becoming Marketing Director for The Community College Foundation. So my Rants are not unqualified.

So, when I see that McCain is looked at by the media as the favored potential nominee, I know EXACTLY what is really going on.

McCain cannot win the Presidency of the United States. There is truly no way on God's green earth, that McCain could beat either Hillary or Obama. Lets look at why that is...

#1 - McCain vs. Conservatives. McCain is a moderate Republican. He may support the war, but he is not Conservative and conservatives will simply not show up to support him.

#2 - McCain vs. Hillary. McCain does not have the machine to defeat the well established Clinton operation.

#3 - McCain vs. Obama. If Obama is the nominee, any disparaging remark by the Republican candidate towards Obama will be immediately construed as racist by prominent liberals.

Simply put, McCain could only beat one candidate - Edwards - and chances are he won't be a nominee.

No, I do not pretend to know which Republican candidate could win against Hillary or Obama, but I know it is no McCain.

Besides... when was the last time a Senator won the Presidency? Americans WANT an outsider to be President. Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43... all were "outsiders" coming into the Presidency. None were members of that elite and arrogant group we call the Senate.

So if the Republicans are to have a viable candidate, it must be Romney or Huckabee. Governors. Americans prefer Governors for president. They know how to lead.

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