Saturday, January 19, 2008

Exercise & Backpack


Good morning. We have 160 days to go before we start our adventure. I
received my new backpack last week. It is a Gregory Palisades Pack. It is
rated at 5550 Cubic inches. The weight is 6lb 14 oz. I did a lot of research
and found that the Palisades was recommended by a high number of people. On
sale at REI for $234.83, it fell within my budget and it was a Christmas
present from my wife.

I have my operation on my bunion On Wednesday the 23rd. The Doc said I could
not walk on the foot for 4 to 6 weeks. Since it is on the right foot I
cannot drive which is not cool. The Doc is going to let me watch the
operation. I am looking forward to get the operation over with but not
excited about the recovery period. Since I cannot walk much, crutches only,
I will be spending many hours on the computer writing.

I have been doing my exercise program for several weeks. It is designed to
condition the Abs and weights using dumbbells.

Have you started any exercise programs?

Talk to you soon


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