Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Rapper Arrested... Say it Isn't So!

Okay... so some rapper named Lil' Wayne was arrested. Wow. Surprising. Not.

Now I am definitely not one to generalize about rappers, but doesn't it seem that the simple culture these artists come from lends itself directly to drugs, guns and all other forms of criminal behavior?

It is understood that many times we are seeing inner-city youth fight their way out of poverty by the power of rhythm and rhyme. But once the success and money start rolling in, do they have to bring their former life with them?

Isn't the idea to move away from the guns, the drugs and the violence? If their only intention is to simply be a bigger fish within their former hood, then maybe they just need to stay in the gangs and stop trying to sell their beats to a national audience.

Crime is crime. Criminals are criminals.

Yes, a simple statement and some would say that it is too simplistic a view of the many complicated dynamics inherent in the criminals life... but I have always found simplicity to be the best solutions for all problems.

Today's RANT: Once a CRIMINAL always a CRIMINAL if you continue to act like a CRIMINAL!

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