Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Soda Can Stove


Cool blog here from My Hidden Room ( how you can create a stove for camping out of a soda can that seems to be hotter than many other options.

The post follows:

Soda Can Stove
Last night, I made a soda can stove. Melissa has been reading about various people's methods of cooking for the Pacific Crest Trail. We talked about the soda can stove, and I decided to make one. It's pretty easily done, as long as one is careful to follow the building guide, and maintain strict tolerances during construction. That is, measure twice, cut once. It took about 45 minutes to make, from start to successful flaming operation. So after building it, I of course had to test it out! We ended up cooking dinner with it.
It will boil a cup of water in about 4 minutes. Faster than the "real" stove in the house. Wow. It took about 1 oz of fuel to boil ~7 cups of water for our ramen and udon noodle dinner.

The instructions are from an PCT hiker's website and can be by Clicking Here.



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