Friday, November 02, 2007

Welcome to the QuickPlanner Plus family!


QPP is simply one of the simplest pieces of software to hit the market in years! Not on is it simple because of my limited programming skills, but it is simple in its incredible method of guiding you through the process of creating a successful plan.

Where else can you have a software that enables you to produce not only the most sophisticated strategic plan, but the simplest party plan?

It has been said by men (and women) wiser than I, that if you fail to plan, you will have planned to fail. That is such a poignent and true remark that I've adopted it as an adage for QuickPlanner Plus.

But remember, just because you bought the software, does not mean that you can avoid the planning process itself! QPP is not automatic - it requires your creative ideas and intelligent decision makings.

Of course, sometimes we get stuck and have "planner's block" so-to-speak. In cases like that, use our Users Forum to post your struggles and either me, my staff, or another QPP User will answer your question.

You can also use the form to post your own template, review other templates or make requests for updated features on QuickPlanning Plus!

Thank you again for being a part of the QuickPlanner Plus family!

Here's to planning & success!


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