Thursday, November 15, 2007

Strategic Planning and the Pacific Crest Trail

One of the reasons I have not actively been blogging here is that I have been focusing on the development and release of a new software called QuickPlanner Plus. An easy to use strategic planning software, QuickPlanner Plus is designed to take any goal and help you develope a step by step plan to achieve that goal.

As part of my overal marketing of QuickPlanner Plus, I am going to use it do strategize my Pacific Crest Trail preparation. I will post it post the resultant plan here and in the user's only area of QuickPlanner Plus when it is complete.

There is a great trend these days toward strategic planning for life and it is one that I must full embrace. As can be seen here by my lack of postings, if I do not have a plan in place, I tend to procrastinate and not get a thing done.
As one of my favorite adages says... "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." and I do not intend to fail the PCT.

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