Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Out of the Banker's Mouth...

Part of the creation of QuickPlanner Plus came from the frustration with business planning not meeting the needs of the entrepreneur but the needs of the bankers. Well, this quote from the Head of Commercial & Business Banking, Ulster Bank, John McGrane, said:
The importance of entrepreneurs having a solid business plan cannot be underestimated. It must display a strategy for sustainable long-term growth, streamlined direction and most importantly must impress your bank manager.[emphasis added]

There it is, from the banker's mouth. I have been saying for years that business plans are good for those who need financing and they are designed by the bankers for the bankers. But a business plan that impresses the bankers, does not necessarily reflect the step by step progam you need as an entrepreneur.
I created QuickPlanner Plus as the easiest strategic business planning software on the market today because I used the system constantly and regularly to achieve success at my business or at my job. In those cases, I did not seek financing so I did not need a business plan, I simply needed a strategic step-by-step program. This is what QuickPlanner Plus is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to accomplish. It truly is the key to business success. Sorry Mr. McGrane.

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