Monday, November 05, 2007

Successful Release of QuickPlanner Plus Strategic Planning!


Here is our latest press release for QuickPlanner Plus! The initial success is very exciting!


QuickPlanner Plus Debuts with a Roar!
Simple Planning Wizard for Creative Types Finds Quick Following

Sacramento, CA -- QuickPlanner Plus, an extreme example of old-school wizard-based software, found its foothold today in the ever growing independent commercial and shareware software industry proving that the right combination of simplicity and pricing is appealing to the right consumer base.

"We are targeting the creative individual," says "I've found over the years that creative individuals are fabulous at having the idea, but not so good at the planning or implementation."

That's where QuickPlanner Plus comes in. According to the website,, the software guides the user through four easy steps in the planning process:

QuickPlanner Plus educates you in layman's terms about the planning process.
QuickPlanner Plus asks a series of questions to help you make decisions about each stage of the process.
Once you've finished all stages, QuickPlanner Plus kicks out your first draft of your new strategic, business, or other plan.
Successful implementation of your great plan.
And its not just for strategic planning. The software is so simple, you can literally plan anything with it. Your business, baby shower, gallery opening, hiking trip, family BBQ, study plan, career plan, and the list goes on and on.

And by simple, we mean simple. The software has no intuitiveness, so it requires you to skip through fields that are not being used to get to ones that are being used. "Our first goal," says Matson, "was to get this product out and make sure there is a need for it." Now that they have proven the need, the software will be receiving a full makeover with more intuitive functions. "Current users will always get free upgrades."

The website also has a very helpful users area, since the software just launched the forum is sparsely populated, but that is expected to change.

"We want the QuickPlanning Plus experience to be a shared one," says Matson, "so we created a forum where QPP users can upload their planning templates and share them with other users." While they don't expect proprietary business plans to be uploaded, they do expect other, more interesting plans to be placed. In fact, Matson promises that they will be posting the strategic plan that was created to launch QuickPlanner Plus, just so others could see how its done.

Initial estimates for downloads is "high" according to Matson. "We can't disclose actual numbers, but our sales are at least double what we expected and that is without having any affiliates in place."

With the establishment of hundreds of affiliates over the next couple weeks, QuickPlanner Plus should continue to roar.


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