Saturday, November 03, 2007

Aligning Strategic Plans Goals & Objectives

Tonight I was surfing the web and ran across - a great resource. While perusing the site I of course focused in on Strategic Planning and found this post by tvmokoena:
I am currently dealing with a strategic planning in our organisation! My questiion is ? how can i ensure that our strategy is align with our organisational objectives and goals for organisational success.

I took a moment to respond with the following:
A good strategy starts with the definition of the objectives, then the definition of the mission. But do not mistake your departments objectives with those of your company. In a good strategic plan, the vision and the desired end product may be more representative of your company's objectives and goals. That is why you need to align it up and down and up again when you are writing it. This is the techniques used by the QuickPlanner Plus system at

It brought to attention a good point. When you are creating a strategic plan for your area of responsibility, you need to ensure that the defined objectives are YOUR defined objectives. You mission statement may be shared with the big bosses, but the objectives are YOUR objectives. PERIOD. As you use the QuickPlanning Plus methodology you will see how easy it is to align your plan up and down and up again to make sure your plan is fully refined and fully executionable.

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