Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tents and other stuff


I do hope your boots work, as you need. Let me know. My boots are doing
good on my left foot, but my right foots is not comfortable. I have been
going to a therapist to correct or fix the pain on the bottom of the foot.
Not helping much. I will be doing a 8 hour hike next week with full pack to
see how my foot does. At this point it would be a real problem on the trail.
I will let you know.
As far as the bear canister I bought it at It was the
cheapest price I could find. The canister is a Garcia Machine Backpackers
Cache for $55.00.
The sleeping bag sounds good. The nights might get down to 25 or 30 degrees
at the elevation we would be at. Make sure it will keep you warm. I would
talk to the staff over at REI. I bought a Big Agnes Encampment +15 Long Bag
for $109.99 at REI's big sale. I will be sleeping in it next week in my back
I have read about using tarps as covers. It would work if we had trees and
bushes to attach the tarp to. I do not know the trail and so do not know how
wooded the area and trail are. The way I look at it is this way. If the
night is nice and there is no chance of rain I will sleep under the stars
with my tents rain cover over me and my sleeping bag. That will keep any
dew-drops off of me and my sleeping bag. The tent will come in handy when
the weather looks bad or when there are snakes in the area HA! HA!

Talk to you later,


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