Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lindsey Lohan - Why Nude Pics?

It was the obvious next step for her.
These millenial generation stars like Britney and Lindsey and non-stars like Paris, are so starved for attention, so starved for paparazzi attention, that they do crazy stunts, party all night and we are surprized when drugs and alchohol pay their toll.
So they go on to artificial rehab centers and more media attention. Then people wonder what happened to them when...
Now, in order to capture our attention, the stars innevitably turn to some fantastic event or activity.
For Lohan that event is posing nude.
But not, like many would do, in Playboy. No, she managed to get nude pics in New York Magazine, which would be more interesting if it wasn't for the Marilyn Monroe tribute.
Come on, Marilyn was great and was one of a kind. Lindsey is, well, just Lindsey. First off, the pics aren't that hot. She needs to firm up that body a bit.
Second, Lindsey always looked better as a redhead. Blond is just so common.
I feel like I am looking at a someone recently coming out of rehab... oh wait... I am looking at someone just out of rehab, which of course, makes me feel guilty about viewing the pics - and that is just not right.
So here is the rant - Rehab Girls - Keep your clothes on!
Second rant - If you really want help getting off of drugs, do not goto a luxury center... goto Narconon, dammit!

PICS AT: http://media.nymag.com/fashion/08/spring/44247/

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