Saturday, February 02, 2008

Re: Three Layer System


The article about layering your cloths is so true. I have always worn a
cotton t-shirt on hikes or backpacking trips. As the mornings warmed up I
have been uncomfortable. I now know what to pack for our trip. I do not like
heat, as that is why I live in Northern Arizona. It is 31 degrees outside
and that is fine with me.

We have about 9 inches of snow on the ground and a storm is coming in
tonight which will give us another foot. Love it!

The can stove is interesting. I remember back in high school when my brother
John was in the Boy Scouts. His troop made these types of stoves out of
cans. Our cans were made from tin back in those days. Ha! Ha!

My foot is coming along just fine. I miss my treadmill. I think I can get
back on it in three weeks. Wish me luck.

I will post some menu dishes this week.



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