Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl Results? Mixed

Okay, so the game of the year is over. The results (Giants 17, Patriots 14) are disappointing for some, and a thrill for many more.

At our party, the underdog Giants were the fan favorites. Even in the Cowboy loving household that hosted our party (no, I am not a Cowboys fan) they were all (sans two) rooting for the Giants.

Was this the trend across the country? Were true football fans tired of the Pats?

For me the emotions were mixed. My girlfriend spent many years living in Boston, so her team is definitely the Pats. Out of compassion I supported her hopes during the game while secretly enjoying the end of the Pats reign.

But who was I truly rooting for? Neither team. All I wanted was a good game. In an era when Superbowl games can be complete bores, all I wanted was an exciting game reminiscent of my 49ers win over the Bengals in '89.

The first half was nothing less than my worst fear... a fast moving game with low scoring... in other words a bore. Granted it could have been worse... one team completely dominating the other and the outcome decided by half-time, but still... the game just wasn't nail-biting enough.

And the commercials weren't that exciting either. Maybe the most unique was the pigeon carriers or Audi's take-off of The Godfather, but overall... not many to discuss around the water cooler.

Then Tom Petty came out, did his thing, and the game was reinvented for the second half. Scoring on both sides set the tone for a more exciting half and the Giants clinched the memory for millions of viewers worldwide.

One thought... how in the hell did Eli Manning stay on his feet?

Okay... off to work for me, but here is my final Superbowl Rant: who cares who wins, just make sure the game is worthy of the hype.

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