Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Foot wear to wear to be confortable


After doing much research I have come to the conclusion that sandals would
be the best second shoe. Sandals would allow your feet to breath when at
camp. You can use the sandals to cross streams and with good soles you can
even walk the trail with them on good level ground.

I have read a few articles of people wearing sandals on the whole trip. They
would take a pair of shoes for the wet weather, but would use the sandals
for all hiking.
I have about a month before the swelling is gone on my foot. At that time I
will start the search for a good pair of hiking boots. My foot doctor told
me to get E wide boots. It is very important to get the toe box wide enough
for your toes to move. I have always worn regular size boots, C wide. I also
felt that my toes were being crushed. I never thought that a wider boot
would be the answer. As long as the heal of your foot is tight then you
should be good for a comfortable trip. If you can keep your feet comfortable
then the trip should be comfortable.
I should have my equipment list ready by weeks end or even sooner.

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