Monday, January 26, 2015

Hire your ripples...s

Today I made a ripple.

A ripple? Yep, a ripple. If you can make a ripple every day, you've done something right. Right?

What was my ripple? I hired someone to be a part of my team at Metalcloak.

It was a great hire and he will benefit us for years to come.

And it pissed someone off in the process.

Was that my intention? Of course not. It's not how I do business.

But, it is still fun to see the reactions in the public when you make a public decision.  

Moving on and more ripples to come.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Challenge has just begun... Day 7 #YourTurnChallenge

It's day 7. 

It's been good to accept a challenge.

Whether it's lose 30 lbs in 30 days or write 7 blog posts in 7 days... accepting a challenge is a pretty good way of getting things done. 

The 7 Day Your Turn Challenge is over. I've written 7 blog posts is 7 days. 

The next challenge is to keep it alive. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why the #YourTurnChallenge is a #Fail... Day 6 #Submission

Spent the day wheeling. But I am not writing about that. Maybe tomorrow.

One lesson I've learned from the 7 Day Your Turn Challenge is that blogging has no parameters. 

Some of the posts on this blog are long diatribes of rubbish.

Some are incredibly insightful.

Some are short.

Some are long-winded. 

Some are perfect.

Some, not so much.

Unfortunately for this challenge, there is very little feedback or means to understand what is working and what is not.

Instead, there is just a hodgepodge of ideas. 

Is that bad, no.

But ideas are only words until they are read and acknowledged by others. 

If no one reads them. Is there any real value?

That is where I believe this challenge is failing. Among other things...

1. While I have had a couple of my posts actually published (not all) I have yet to receive the promised email.

2. Unless you have endless time on your hands, there is no practical way to read what is posted. So chances are, of the thousands of posts so far, only a few have been truly read but none really acknowledged.

It will be interesting to see where this project is taken next. 

I look forward to this #fail turning to a #win.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Very Strange Dreams Indeed... Day 5 #YourTurnChallenge

It's Friday night. And I am blogging. 

Is that a good, or a bad, thing?

Not sure... just finished watching LUCY.  Very strange pic. Very.

Enjoyable. In a ... wow, someone actually thought of all this, sort of way.

I think I shall have very strange dreams.

Good night.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's A Merger Kind of Thing... Day 4 #YourTurnChallenge

Inspiration for ideas and action comes from interesting places. 

The 7 Day Your Turn Challenge has had its moment of inspiration for me... it wasn't just about blogging again after many moons of being absent from the medium, it was about how I was to blog.

As I mentioned in the Day 1 Post, I've had many blogs, under many names. 

All of which were set with a business purpose in mind. Whether it was for promoting software, a conference or just getting affiliate dollars, each blog was, in essence, an insincere reflection of me and my ideas.

All except one. Matsonian's Rants. That was, for better or worse, a reflection of my ideas, my thoughts and what I wanted to share.

It was pure. But then came Facebook. And the ideas migrated. Thoughts. Pictures. It was all shared on Facebook.

Who needs a blog, right?

But my realization was that I do. I need a blog. Well more so, I need an outlet for my thoughts. And a blog is as good a place as any. 

That's the inspiration so what's the action? I merged them. I merged all the blogs. Each of my little post places. Sincere or not, all got merged into one new blog at

So now the blog is back to sharing my thoughts, sharing my inspiration, sharing my action.

Cross platform. Cross discipline. 

And truly crossed ideas.

The Blog of Matson "Matsonian" Breakey. 

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Okay, lets talk poly-ticks… Day 3 #YourTurnChallenge

Old Joke. What is the origin of the word Politics?
Poly = multiple.
Ticks = bloodsuckers.
No matter the side of the ideological spectrum you reside, politicians all seem to be made of the same cloth. Each wants to be a part of a larger organization that (1) pays them a nice salary and (2) allows them to advance their career.
Is this always the case? No. There are the occasional purists whose only goal is the achievement of pure ideological goals.
But, it would seem, even the purist amongst us can be corrupted down the hallways of power.
Last night’s State of the Union presentation by our President was, as they have been for a generation, less about the State of the Union, then it was about making sure that the Prime Time audience view of the Presidency is properly framed. 
Legacies are as much about perception as they are accomplishment. Maybe more so. 
This is not the time, nor the place to dissect the speech. That is being done plenty by others far more interested in the ramifications than I.
No. This is just a chance to say on thing…
Politics, Blech!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Fear of Hitting Submit… Day 2 #YourTurnChallenge

(reposted from the 7 Day Your Turn Challenge Blog.)

So, here we are on day two of the challenge. And I already failed.
Yeah, I got it done yesterday. It “shipped” - but it sucked too. 

You see, I was adding another link to my blog post when I hit submit instead. Whoosh… away it went and within a few minutes it was published.

Alas, I tried correcting it right away by submitting again, but no. The wonderful moderator did not opt to grab the second one. So, there is was is all wonderful glory… a pathetic post that was utterly confusing to any reader. A half thought. The kind of sentence you get from someone distracted suddenly in mid conversation.

So, to just complete that thought, I am re-posting below.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… cuz you know you were, I did hit submit!


Blogging is not new and it's not new to me. No. I've had my moments. There is the "My 4 Hour Body" followed by "Matsonian's Rants" or the too hard to handle "Public Shootings" blog. 

See a pattern here? First, they all died long ago. Not a recent post among them.

Lots of great ideas, and even lots of "Ship it" moments. 

But, for some reason only known between me and the couch pillows that I sit on typing steadily away on the lap top... these ideas just don't sustain me. 

I think they are good ideas, and some would say my writing is not half bad. So what is that element that allows a start, but not a completion?

What is the element that allows an idea, but not fruition.

It can't be a simple as procrastination. That wouldn't have allowed even one blog post, right?

Whatever it is, I am determined to try this 7 day experiment as the first step in bringing these ideas together into a simple blog about me. My ideas. What I want to communicate. No ulterior motive. No monetization. 

Just my thoughts. 

Let the games begin... 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Your Turn Challenge Blog. Day 1. #Submission #YourTurnChallenge

(Reprinted from the 7 Day Challenge Blog)

Blogging is not new and it's not new to me. No. I've had my moments. There is the "My 4 Hour Body" followed by "Matsonian's Rants" or the too hard to handle "Public Shootings" blog.
(Yes, this is how it was submitted. Read the next post for an explanation.)