Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why the #YourTurnChallenge is a #Fail... Day 6 #Submission

Spent the day wheeling. But I am not writing about that. Maybe tomorrow.

One lesson I've learned from the 7 Day Your Turn Challenge is that blogging has no parameters. 

Some of the posts on this blog are long diatribes of rubbish.

Some are incredibly insightful.

Some are short.

Some are long-winded. 

Some are perfect.

Some, not so much.

Unfortunately for this challenge, there is very little feedback or means to understand what is working and what is not.

Instead, there is just a hodgepodge of ideas. 

Is that bad, no.

But ideas are only words until they are read and acknowledged by others. 

If no one reads them. Is there any real value?

That is where I believe this challenge is failing. Among other things...

1. While I have had a couple of my posts actually published (not all) I have yet to receive the promised email.

2. Unless you have endless time on your hands, there is no practical way to read what is posted. So chances are, of the thousands of posts so far, only a few have been truly read but none really acknowledged.

It will be interesting to see where this project is taken next. 

I look forward to this #fail turning to a #win.

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