Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Fear of Hitting Submit… Day 2 #YourTurnChallenge

(reposted from the 7 Day Your Turn Challenge Blog.)

So, here we are on day two of the challenge. And I already failed.
Yeah, I got it done yesterday. It “shipped” - but it sucked too. 

You see, I was adding another link to my blog post when I hit submit instead. Whoosh… away it went and within a few minutes it was published.

Alas, I tried correcting it right away by submitting again, but no. The wonderful moderator did not opt to grab the second one. So, there is was is all wonderful glory… a pathetic post that was utterly confusing to any reader. A half thought. The kind of sentence you get from someone distracted suddenly in mid conversation.

So, to just complete that thought, I am re-posting below.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… cuz you know you were, I did hit submit!


Blogging is not new and it's not new to me. No. I've had my moments. There is the "My 4 Hour Body" followed by "Matsonian's Rants" or the too hard to handle "Public Shootings" blog. 

See a pattern here? First, they all died long ago. Not a recent post among them.

Lots of great ideas, and even lots of "Ship it" moments. 

But, for some reason only known between me and the couch pillows that I sit on typing steadily away on the lap top... these ideas just don't sustain me. 

I think they are good ideas, and some would say my writing is not half bad. So what is that element that allows a start, but not a completion?

What is the element that allows an idea, but not fruition.

It can't be a simple as procrastination. That wouldn't have allowed even one blog post, right?

Whatever it is, I am determined to try this 7 day experiment as the first step in bringing these ideas together into a simple blog about me. My ideas. What I want to communicate. No ulterior motive. No monetization. 

Just my thoughts. 

Let the games begin... 

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