Sunday, December 21, 2008

Walking the Roadless Trails of the Sierra

I am listening to Mary Martin Stockdale. She plays the piano and she does it
with grandeur. I want to use her work for my slide shows.
I have a few tasks for you. For coffee I will be using the Folgers bags. One
bag will make two cups of coffee. I will also take herb tea bags. I am sure
we need to take hot coco. The task for you is to sit down and figure what
you will use.
I am preparing the list of everything we need and the quantities. I will
send you the list that I have in a couple weeks and then you can start
adding or subtracting. This list will be our road map to the weight we will
be carrying.
There is one thing you might want to consider. You should take the
Heartstart first aid and cpr. I just finished mine and it will help in
emergencies on the trail. The first aid class is 5 hours long and CPR was 3
I have experimented with my camp oven. The oven is a BackPacker lightweight
oven. I made some cornbread in it and it came out great. It will bake about
11/2 cups. We can bake cakes and other things in it.
Take the solar panel and try hooking up your electronic to it and see if
they will charge. One you do that send it to me so I can do the same.
See you later

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