Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A note about our meals on the trail...

In your meal planning I want to reiterate a couple of important guidelines to consider.
1- BE NATURAL. Please do your best to plan around natural ingredients. The less preservatives the better. I know that there are many different pre-packaged hiking foods, but I want to avoid those whenever we can. We will gain more nutrients and beneficial vitamins and minerals if we focus on natural foods.
2- NO "WHITE TRASH" INGREDIENTS. This includes absolutely destructive ingredients like High Fructose Corn Syrup (which is in almost every brand name product) and Enriched Flour. It is easy enough to use and find natural sugar when necessary and sprouted wheat or wheat products that are not Enriched.
Part of my reason for this is my personal diet. I found that I have mild allergies to sugar and to wheat, so I try to avoid ANYTHING with sugar or wheat in it. I will have sprouted wheat on occasion and will use a sweeter like Agave on my corn flakes, and I feel much healthier because of it.
As we get closer to departure day, I will modify my diet to better fit with what we will be eating in order to avoid any shock to my system.
My daily diet tends to be fairly simple: Fruit in the morning, black beans or lentils and a salad for lunch, turkey burger or fish and steamed veggies for dinner (and variations thereof), with snacks like carrots or fruit in between meals.
I will look for your guidance on modifying that to meet the high caloric needs of our PCT hike.
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