Friday, April 04, 2008

Bought some boots... Finally!


Well, here it is. Tonight Louisa and I stopped by REI (they're having one of their sales) and checked out their boots. They didn't have the Vasque Sundowner, but they did have another version - the Vasque Summit GTX. All leather and a great old boot. One that would probably last me many decades... but, at the urging of the REI employees, I tried another boot that was much more breathable... the Asolo Fugitive. After trying both, I was much more impressed with the support supplied by the Asolo. The REI associate helped me find a good size... 13! ... and I decided to go ahead and get them - not to mention they were on sale! I decided it was better to buy them now and then return home and do research to see if they really are as good as the staff at REI claim.

Now, I just finished doing the research, and while almost every review raved about the boots and how happy they were with the choice -- including a very impressive review on -- I am concerned about one thing...

REI had these boots identified in their Backpacking category, but the Asolo website has them listed as hikers. In fact, they are light hikers and while many of the reviewers used them for backpacking, none carried more than 45 lbs.

My question is this... if we are going to be carrying upwards of 60 lbs, will these boots work or do I need to go back to the Vasque Summit or Zephyr?

Your son...


Sowpath das said...

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Sarah Parton said...

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