Thursday, April 03, 2008

Backpacking Boots


I am excited to see you next week. After we finish working on TechEd (, I think it is going to be a nice relaxing day hiking Point Reyes.

I need to get my boots soon so I can test them and ensure that their are no hot spots. I am considering a couple different styles of Vasque boots. Many reviewers have raved about Vasque with the only drawback being that they are now made in China.

Specifically, I am considering the Vasque 7152 Sundowner Summit GTX Backpacking Boots. These are a great all-around boot, it has the ankle support I need, is made of leather, fully waterproof and a quality boot.

Question is, in July is this the best boot? It is not going to breath well, but it is going to last. What do you think?

Your son,


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Sarah Parton said...

The ones you are considering are great, but you need to check out some other models as well in order not to make a mistake and end up with a pair that will be too hot for your feet. Here is an article that will help as it offers reviews of some of the best backpacking boots and also talks about what you need to keep an eye when looking for new boots. You can check it out here: